ITZY Chaeryeong “Controversy over binge eating of Pringles… Many people got angry”

“Cultwo Show” ITZY Chaeryeong mentioned her recent controversy over binge eating of Pringles.

Girl group ITZY and singer Babylon appeared as guests on the July 28th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”.


On this day, ITZY Chaeryeong shared a secret story related to her recent YouTube content with Lee Young-ji, in which she mentioned that her standard for binge eating is finishing an entire can of Pringles.


Chaeryeong confessed, “While talking about binge eating with Lee Young-ji, I asked, ‘Have you tried to finish the whole Pringles?’ I thought everyone wouldn’t be able to eat it because it was so salty, but Lee Young-ji said, ‘What kind of question is that? Isn’t it basic?’ That’s why it was controversial.”


Chaeryeong added, “It really caused a lot of anger from many people. Every time I passed by, I heard a lot of people saying, ‘Are you kidding me?'” Yeji made everyone burst into laughter as she said, “I’m tired of the green one since it’s so salty. However, if you eat the sweet and salty combination, you’ll be like, ‘Why can’t I eat all of this?’ If you don’t get sick of it, you can eat how much you want.”

Source: nate

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