Top 10 most searched Kpop artists on music platform Melon: BTS still lost to two others?

The list of Top 10 most searched Kpop artists on Melon is attracting huge attention, and BLACKPINK is still in despite having no comeback.

Melon is the top online music streaming platform in Korea, and topping the Melon charts is something every Kpop artist dreams of. Recently, the list of most searched Kpop artists on Melon for the first quarter of 2022 is a hot topic among fans.  

The full list of Top 10 most searched Kpop artists (Quarter I, 2022) is as follows:

1/ BIGBANG: 3.9 million searches

2/ IU: 3.2 million searches

3/ BTS: 3 million searches

4/ Lim Young Woon: 2.8 million searches

5/ Taeyeon: 1.6 million searches

6/ BLACKPINK: 1.54 million searches 

7/ IVE: 999,455 searches

8/ (G)-IDLE: 816,541 searches

9/ Red Velvet: 800,457 searches

10/ NCT Dream: 611,932 searches


BIGBANG tops the chart with 3.9 million searches, which is understandable since this legendary boy group recently made a record-breaking comeback with “Still Life”. Coming in second is the “nation’s little sister” IU, who records a total of 3 million searches, proving herself as a true Kpop “digital monster”. The trot singer Lim Young Woong lands the 4th place, with his huge following of middle-aged fans. 

BIGBANG comeback 2022
BIGBANG recently came back successfully with “Still Life”.
IU proved herself as a true digital monster with the 2nd place. 
Trot singer Lim Young Woong surprised Kpop fans with his 4th position. 

Most artists mentioned in the list has made successful comebacks within the quarter. Taeyeon, for example, released her new studio album “INVU ” in February, while IVE broke multiple records with their new title “Love Dive”. The monster rookie of Starship Entertainment is the youngest of the list, promising huge potentials in the future. 

(G)-IDLE, who recently came back with “Tomboy”, has achieved the first perfect all-kill in their career. The two SM groups Red Velvet and NCT Dream also appear on the list, after releasing their new songs “Feel My Rhythm” and “Glitch Mode”.

Artists who successfully came back in the first quarter of 2022 all make appearances on the list. 

Most noticeably, the two top Kpop idol groups of the moment, BTS and BLACKPINK, still have their own position despite not dropping any song, with BTS in 3rd place with 3 million searches and BLACKPINK in 6th place with 1.54 million searches. While BTS recently performed on Grammy 2022 and attracted great attention, BLACKPINK surprised people despite not having any new activities. 

YG Artists
… and BLACKPINK both enter the list despite making no comeback. 
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