How Oh My Girl YooA deals with the dizzying situation where her shoulder strap goes down

Oh My Girl YooA had a skilful countermeasure to cope with the dizzying situation when performing on stage.

Women often feel awkward when one shoulder strap of a dress goes down. It is even more embarrassing when a celebrity encounters such a situation on stage. This is because they can experience exposure accidents that reveal chest or underwear. 

Oh My Girl YooA

In this case, it is a common countermeasure to adjust the dress’ shape and raise the loosened shoulder strap back. However, there is a star who proudly calmed down the crisis moment with her innovation (?) that breaks the existing familiarity. She is Oh My Girl YooA.

Oh My Girl YooA

Recently, an article titled “Tips when shoulder straps keep going down” was posted on the online community FM Korea. The article showed singer YooA being invited to perform on stage at the “Safe Seoul Festival”. She radiated her dreamy aura with cute movements.

Oh My Girl YooA

There was also a dizzying scene. During Oh My Girl‘s choreography, YooA’s left shoulder strap fell down. When it went out of place, her slender shoulder and deep collarbone line were exposed.

In an unexpected accident, YooA attempted a frontal breakthrough. With a shy smile, she proudly loosened her right shoulder strap and pushed it aside. The opposite shoulder strap was also lowered to emphasize the equilibrium beauty.

Oh My Girl YooA

The time and location of the event have not been confirmed. Many say that YooA is the most optimized member for Oh My Girl, whose concept is dreamlike and fantasy, in terms of appearance, voice and dance line.

Oh My Girl YooA

YooA is about 160cm tall (159.2cm to be exact), but her small head and body proportions are so great that she looks taller than she actually is. That’s why she is sometimes referred to as a “ratio gangster”.

Oh My Girl YooA

From the beginning of the New Year 2022, YooA showed off her unrealistic 9-head ratio on Instagram. In the photos, YooA was visiting a cosmetic brand’s pop-up store. The female singer showcased a bold all-black styling by matching black dress, jacket and high heels. Her confident poses and slim legs attracted attention.


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