Times when BLACKPINK’s new comeback’s looks caused confusion 

BLACKPINK’s hairstyles surprised the public with every new comeback. Despite their fandom’s hard guesses, the girls are always able to wow them. 

It has been a tradition that every time BLACKPINK makes their long-awaited comeback, their changing hairstyle immediately becomes the talk of the town, tapping on their fans’ curiosity. Just like their fellow idol stars, BLACKPINK members have their ways to hide their new bold hairstyles that can even deceive their fans. 

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After a dreadfully long time, BLACKPINK has finally announced their “discharge” from a long hiatus, which excited their fandom and put their very move under close look. Recently, Rosé’s lowkey and unexpected appearance on the red carpet for the VIP cinema premier of “The Hunt” drew tremendous attention. 

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What stood out is her new hairstyles. They suspected her to come back with a half blonde half black hairstyle that resembles a bold undercut hair-do, leading a majority of the fandom to believe she might actually wear that hairstyle. At present, with nothing confirmed, fans are both confused and eager for her new look. 

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As for Lisa, her solo debut once took the Internet by surprise. At that time, a female fan reported to have caught her at a salon. She said Lisa had chosen the wolf cut and even dyed her hair a smokey gray color. The unofficial news soon blew up and fans rushed to edit the new hair-do on Lisa’s previously released photos. Sadly, the news was proven wrong as the idol appeared with a different look. 

In another development, when YG teased the mockup for her photocards, netizens gossiped that her “10-billion-won hair” has gone for good. As expected, Lisa had changed her hair to a brand new style.  

Similar heated discussions happened when BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” was first promoted. In her teaser photo, Jennie wore a never-seen-before platinum blonde, raising fans’ hopes for this new daring look. However, contrary to everyone’s expectation, she appeared as a brunette while it was Lisa that dyed her hair platinum blonde. 

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With surprise after surprise, it is safe to say BLACKPINK always captures the attention of fans and netizens in general with their bold and powerful appearance. YG does not seem to hold back from taking good care of the girls, giving them serious and proper attention to looks. 

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