“He kept snapping his fingers”… Netizens are having a heated debate on the action that a male idol did to Wendy

Some netizens are criticizing the action that UP10TION member Lee Jin-hyuk did to Wendy.

On September 2nd, a post pointing out an action of UP10TION’s Lee jin-hyuk when appearing as a guest on Wendy’s “Youngstreet” Radio drew attention on Twitter.

lee jin hyuk

In the controversial scene, Lee Jin-hyuk snapped his finger at Wendy and said “Noona, your eyes look drowsy”. The netizen who pointed out Lee Jin-hyuk’s behavior commented, “Lee Jin-hyuk kept teasing Wendy that her eyes look sleepy a few times. During the ending, he did the snap and repeated his joke. Lee Jin-hyuk’s behavior towards his senior is so rude.”

lee jin hyuk

In response to the post, netizens commented, “I also hate seeing people snap their fingers in front of my face”, “I don’t want others to do that to me”, “Even if they’re close to each other, it’s still a rude behavior”, etc.

lee jin hyuk

On the other hand, others said, “What I only see is that the two are really close”, “I don’t understand why some people feel uncomfortable with such a little thing”, claiming that Lee Jin-hyuk’s action was not a problem. 

Source: Wikitree

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