Lee Jung Jin was once caught in a difficult relationship with Kim Min Joon and Lee Seo Jin, and got dumped by his girlfriend over a letter from Kim Tae Hee, how is he now? 

Lee Jung Jin’s professional and personal life went through drastic change after experiencing many obstacles. 

Lee Jung Jin is often known for his role “Love Story in Harvard,” which boosted him to a stardom that did not last long after missing a one-in-a-life-time chance. He suffered the same unfortunate fate in love when the actor broke up with his ex due to Kim Tae Hee. After various life obstacles, Lee Jung Jin is still working hard in the field but cannot perform like he was in the golden days. 

Love Story in Harvard
Lee Jung Jin (far left) was known as the supporting actor in “Love Story in Harvard” 

A troubled relationship with Kim Min Joon and Lee Seo Jin 

“Damo” finished airing in 2003 but the choice of the male lead 6 years ago. According to Mydaily, at first, the two main male leading roles were given to Lee Jung Jin and Kim Min Joon and the female lead for Ha Ji Won

However, Lee Jung Jin refused to collaberated with Kim Min Joon, who had relatively little fame at the time because of his ambition to work with someone having enough stardom to elevate his status. 

Lee Jung Jin
Lee Jung Jin was not “pleased” with the status of his co-star at the time of the shooting 

To meet with the demands, the producer replaced Kim Min Joon with Lee Seo Jin, an actor with a prominent background in Kbiz. Seo Jin’s grandfather was the General Director of the first Bank of Korea. 

Nonetheless, Lee Jung Jin took it further and said that he would not be on the same project with Lee Seo Jin because of a rumor that Lee Seo Jin supposedly “stole” Lee Jung Jin’s girlfriend before he joined the entertainment industry. The display of their close relationship afterwards could not fool the public as they still viewed this friendship as adversary. 

Lee Seo Jin
In 2003, Lee Jung Jin and Lee Seo Jin were not believed to be in good terms with each other 
Lee Jung Jin
After many years, the duo cleared the misunderstanding and became friends 

Lee Jung Jin’s demands displeased director Lee Jae Gyu and later developed into a hostile relationship that subsequently led to Jung Jin leaving the cast. Afterwards, the male lead positions were given to Lee Seo Jin and Kim Min Joon. 

Breaking up with his girlfriend because of Kim Tae Hee’s letter 

Lee Jung Jin specifically shared this romantic struggle in an episode of “Strong Heart” in 2011. 

Lee Jung Jin
Lee Jung Jin appeared in “Strong Heart” 12 years ago

According to the actor, not long after finishing “Love Story in Harvard,” Lee Jung Jin was on his way to the US to shoot for “Mapado” and was temporarily separated from his girlfriend at the time for a few months. After returning from the shooting location, Lee Jung Jin and the said girlfriend had a date at the actor’s parents’ house where she spotted a hand-written letter from Kim Tae Hee that said: “Oppa, I’m glad that we are working together for this project. Please regard me comfortably from now on.” 

While it was only out of courtesy and Kim Tae Hee herself also sent a similar letter to Kim Rae Won, Lee Jung Jin’s girlfriend did not feel right with the letter and broke up with him. 

kim tae hee thumbnail
Lee Jung Jin’s relationship ended after his girlfriend found out about Kim Tae Hee’s letter to him 

How has Lee Jung Jin been after many ups and downs? 

After losing a prominent role in “Damo,” Lee Jung Jin received another chance to work in “Love Story in Harvard,” albeit a supporting role. After this role, the actor’s career had few to no breakthrough. Only in 2023 is he confirmed to return with “Queen of the Mask” set to air in the upcoming months. 

Lee Jung Jin
Lee Jung Jin has changed a lot compared to his so-called “peak visual” era 
Lee Jung Jin lee Min Ho
The last 10 years witnessed Lee Jung Jin in supporting roles. In 2020, the actor appeared in “The King: Eternal Monarch” starring Lee Min Ho
Kim So Yeon
He has also worked as a photorapher since 2012 and did photoshoots for Kim So Yeon, Tzuyu (TWICE) 
twice tzuyu
… and Tzuyu (TWICE) 

After the sudden ending to his relationship, Lee Jung Jin keeps quiet of his relationship status. In 2018, he went public with Euaerin (former member of Nine Muses.) They knew each other through a mutual and shared a common nterest in sports that gradually developed into romance, regardless of a 10-year age gap. 

Nonetheless, they parted ways after one year and the actor has not gone public with anyone else. He is still single at 45. 

Lee Jung Jin
Lee Jung Jin publicly dated Euaerin in 2018 and announced breakup one year later 

Source: Mydaily, Soompi

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