IU and Park Bo Gum’s collaboration 11 years ago draws attention ahead of shared K-drama

Park Bo Gum and IU, who are going to co-star together in a new K-drama, used to have an iconic collaboration in the past. 

On January 27th, an image of IU and Park Bo Gum appearing in a commercial together was published on an online community .

The image shows IU and Park Bo Gum singing together in a 2012 food commercial, which was made into a music video. At the time, IU was already a top female idol with her solo hits “Good Day” and “You and I”, while Park Bo Gum was a freshly debuted actor. 

IU Park Bo-gum

Upon seeing the appearance of IU and Park Bo Gum 11 years ago, netizens showed their excitement and left comments such as “I’m looking forward to seeing them again through a drama”, “They both looked like babies at that time”, and “I’ve been wishing to see both of them in the same frame ever since.”

IU Park Bo-gum

On the other hand, IU and Park Bo Gum will reportedly co-star in the upcoming drama “I was Fool” (written by Lim Sang Chun, directed by Kim Won Seok, produced by Pan Entertainment and Baram Pictures).

IU Park Bo-gum

“I Was Fooled” (literal translation) is a drama that unfolds the adventure-filled life of Ae Soon (IU), who is rebellious but often gets nervous, and dreams of becoming a poet even when she can’t even go to school. Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum plays Gwan Sik, who loves and respects only Ae Soon.

Source: wikitree

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