Yeonwoo’s reaction to the news of Momoland’s disbandment…”Bullying rumors” in the past became a hot topic again

Group Momoland officially announced their disbandment on Jan 27th.

At the time of Yeonwoo‘s departure, “bullying rumors” were raised, so people are paying more attention to this suspicion.

Yeonwoo is an original member of Momoland, which debuted in 2016. From the time of her debut, she was well-known enough to occupy the center position in Momoland with her tall height and visuals.

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In 2019, three years after her debut, she was absent from group activities for about a month due to health problems. At that time, a number of Yeonwoo’s posts were deleted from the fan cafe, and fans raised suspicions that Yeonwoo might be leaving the group.

At that time, Yeonwoo wrote on the fan cafe, “Hello. I’m Momoland Yeonwoo! You were surprised by the rumors, right?However, shortly afterwards, she announced that she would withdraw from Momoland, which shocked fans.

After that, Yeonwoo turned into an actress. However, at that time, Yeonwoo drew attention by leaving meaningful words several times.


A week before the announcement of her withdrawal, Yeonwoo confessed as if she was aware of her departure.

She said, “I want to perform, too. I’ve said it a lot, but no one believes me. I’m saying it one more time. I can’t do everything my own way, but I always want to stand on stage. I know you won’t believe me.

She emphasized, “I’ll say it one more time. I can’t do everything my own way.

Yeonwoo also appealed on the fan cafe, “How many people are brave enough to give up their youth for a new start? I endured it, I endured it, I endured it, but there was no use. I didn’t betray you because I wanted to do something else.

She continued, “I had no other options.


She expressed frustration, “Do you know how painful it is to be misunderstood and criticized by your loved ones? Stop it now. You know that I can’t explain every single thing.

At the time, there was a controversy surrounding the bullying of Mina, a former member of girl group AOA, so there were people who questioned “didn’t you leave because you were bullied?

When the bullying rumor was raised, Yeon Woo immediately posted on her Instagram, “The content is a bit confusing and it’s only a space with fans, so it seems that some deep stories came out and some have misunderstood me.” She also added, “I’m doing well and preparing hard. I’m sorry to have made you worry about this accident today.


At the same time, Yeon Woo published several excerpts from Gong Ji Young’s first love novel “Distant Sea” (literal translation) on Instagram.

Netizens who saw the excerpts then commented, “It seems that those words are all directed towards the Momoland members.

According to netizens, alleged evidence of Yeon Woo being bullied by Momoland lies in her alienation in group photos, the fact that Momoland member JooE embarrassed Yeon Woo in broadcasts, her treatment as if she was an invisible person, and her solitary appearance in various videos.


On the other hand, on January 27th, Momoland’s agency officially announced that all members of the group decided not to renew their contracts. On the same day, Yeon Woo draws attention by posting a picture on her Instagram story along with the caption, “Everyone.. Please dress warmly.


After leaving Momoland in 2019, Yeon Woo signed with 9ato Entertainment and began to work actively as an actress. Recently at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards, Yeon Woo received the Best New Female Award for her performance in the K-drama “Golden Spoon”.

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