The fight between BTS V and Jung Yu Mi in Mexico, full story revealed

The whole story of the fight between actress Jung Yu Mi and BTS V has been revealed.

On the May 5th broadcast of tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen”, the members who finished their business in Mexico revealed behind stories. Lee Seo Jin expressed regret, “The fight between Yu Mi and Taehyung (V) while eating ramen was really fun, but it didn’t come out.

jung yoo mi

In the released video, the fight between Jung Yu Mi and V on the first night of business was revealed. After cooking ramen, Jung Yu Mi asked Lee Seo Jin to change the commute time. Lee Seo Jin set the condition, “If you eat one more ramen pack, we’ll leave late.” This is because Lee Seo Jin, who had no intention of delaying going to work, thought that Jung Yu Mi, who was already full, would not be able to eat ramen.

jung yoo mi

Jung Yu Mi accepted this, but soon put down her chopsticks. Seeing this, V emphasized, “Why are you putting down your chopsticks? Eat quickly.” Jung Yu Mi then complained of feeling full.

jung yoo mi

V ate ramen, and Lee Seo Jin suggested V to go to work at 12:30. V suggested that only Choi Woo Sik leave early. Jung Yu Mi explained that the two always have to leave first.

V responded, “Didn’t I eat ramen until the end? How can you just tell me to leave first?” Jung Yu Mi tried to change the topic, but V looked sulky, saying, “I don’t want to talk to you while looking at your face.” V caused laughter as he continued to joke, “You know I’m not kidding, right?

jung yoo mi

Previously, when appearing on “The Game Caterers” to promote “Jinny’s Kitchen”, Lee Seo Jin raised curiosity by saying, “When we ate ramen late at night, Taehyung and Yu Mi had a big fight. Taehyung was really angry at Yu Mi. He screamed ‘You’re not on my side anymore’, and they fought.

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