A collection of Song Ji-hyo’s fashion that left fans speechless, how bad can it be?

Song Ji Hyo’s fashion has shaken the portal sites in the past week. 

Following Song Ji-hyo‘s SNS, she appeared on SBS’s Running Man in a short-cut hairstyle that seemed to be munched on by a rat, which sparked an unprecedented situation in which fans issued statements toward the agency demanding a change in Song Ji-hyo‘s fashion and styling. The fandom said that they had enough of Song Ji-hyo’s current fashion and hairstyling, and that they could no longer watch as a fan and demanded a staff replacement. 

Song Ji-hyo’s fashion

Song Ji-hyo has yet to provide any explanation or official position on this. Mindful of the controversy, Song Ji-hyo expressed her acceptance speech at the “2021 AAA:, which was her first official appearance since the announcement of her fans’ statements, saying, “I will continue to show my courageous and healthy self as always,” but her award ceremony fashion once again drew public outrage from fans.

The fact that the bottom of her coat, which had been torn off right from the red carpet event, even went on broadcast untouched throughout her acceptance speech on the award ceremony stage. Fans’ anger is unlikely to fade for the time being over Song Ji-hyo’s styling controversy, which has not improved at all despite fans’ announcement of demand.

What on earth is Song Ji-hyo’s fashion that her fans are so angry about? In fact, Song Ji-hyo has not always shown the “worst” fashion. Fans were more disappointed with the recent styling because there were also outfits in the past that perfectly utilized Song Ji-hyo’s beauty. Below is a summary of Song Ji-hyo’s fashion for official appearances that made fans cry and laugh. 

2021 AAA Awards: the coat that made fans angry. Song Ji-hyo showed off her unconventional fashion with a combination of a black coat and long boots without innerwear. She showed her sexy and charismatic charm with the coat’s cutting details that clearly reveal her side, but the unmodified bottom of the coat became a problem. The thread was all loosened and the fabric was seen sticking out underneath. The public could easily understand why the fans were angry after seeing their actor go on the stage of an awards ceremony, which was supposed to be perfect, with the outfit’s threads torn off. 

Song Ji-hyo’s fashion

▲ Drama “The Witch’s Diner” Production Presentation_A jumpsuit that pushed Song Ji-hyo’s glamorous charm to the fullest. The tight waistline disappeared and only an ambiguous fit remained. The color combination of white and gold was perfect, but it was regrettable that the top part’s details and the ringle details, ranging from piping details to large pocket decorations, were kinda overwhelming and distracting. 

Song Ji-hyo’s fashion

▲Production presentation of the drama “Was it love?”_An outfit that showed off Song Ji-hyo’s unique loveliness. Song Ji-hyo chose a white maxi dress with bright pastel color patterns mixed and matched. Feminine puff decorations, drape details, and white minimal design sandals slightly visible between unbalanced skirt lengths was a perfect fashion style full of lovely charm from head to toe. 

Song Ji-hyo’s fashion

▲ The media press conference of the movie “Intruder“_ Song Ji-hyo chose a two-tone color combination maxi dress, showing her glamorous charm. The exposure from the deep-cut detail in the top caught fans’ eyes. Although the neat styling was completed with ankle strap shoes, creating a feminine mood without any accessories, some fans expressed their regret, saying that the diagonal green-brown color combination reminds them of monk uniforms. 

Song Ji-hyo’s fashion

▲ The production briefing for the movie “Intruder“_An outfit that seemed too big for Song Ji-hyo as if she hadn’t got fitted. The sleeves almost covered her hands and the belt seems to have been used to tighten up her outfit to such an extent that the back of her outfit was crumpled everywhere. It was as if they borrowed that outfit from someone else. Her hair volume was also not organized. The more you look at this, the more regrettable it was.

Song Ji-hyo’s fashion
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