AAA 2021’s “Popularity Award” Song Ji-hyo: “What’s my charm? My beauty. Thanks for complimenting my hair”

Actress Song Ji-hyo won the Popularity Award thanks to her fans’ love.

The 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) was hosted by Super Junior Lee Teuk and I’VE Wonyoung at the KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of Dec 2nd. Song Ji-hyo, who won the “RET Popularity Award” that day, said, “This award and position are even more meaningful because fans have made this possible for me with their love. Thank you to everyone who has voted, I will try to show you my strong and healthy appearance.”

AAA 2021 Song Jihyo

Song Ji-hyo has won the “Popularity Award” for the third consecutive year at the AAA ceremony. When MC Lee Teuk asked about her charm, Song Ji-hyo said “beauty” and then replied, “Thank you,” when Lee Teuk mentioned her short cut transformation, saying, “You look good in this hairstyle.”

AAA 2021 Song Jihyo
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