Moon Ga Young draws attention to her back tattoo at AAA 2021

Moon Ga Young revealed her attractive tattoo at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. 

At the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, while the majority of celebrities chose to wear black outfits, “True Beauty” star Moon Ga Young stood out in a gorgeous white dress. The actress also took home the Best Emotive award. Notably, she has attracted much attention not only thanks to her graceful appearance but also her unexpected back tattoo display.

The soft makeup look and hairstyle completely contrasts with her sexy body that is perfectly shown through her backless dress. With a skinny figure, Moon Ga Young successfully flaunted her attractive curves. As soon as she turned around, Moon Ga Young also drew attention to the tattoo on her back. 

Moon Ga Young was quickly discovered with a tattoo on her back as she turned to leave the red carpet. It is known that this is both Moon Ga Young‘s new tattoo and the first time she has openly showed it publicly. The lines in this tattoo are elegant and flexible. The ink strokes are also moderate, not too thick, which appears to match Moon Ga Young‘s gentle image.

These photos are currently being widely shared on Twitter and receiving a lot of attention. The majority of netizens were surprised and intrigued by Moon Ga Young‘s tattoo. In Korea, most female artists, no matter how sexy they look, rarely have tattoos. Many female celebrities have tattoos, but when they attend events or perform on large stages, they must cover them up with makeup. Therefore, Moon Ga Young’s tattoo gained great attention from the public. 

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