Song Ji-hyo drew attention at the 2021 AAA, appearing in public for the first time after the controversy over her short haircut

Actress Song Ji-hyo overcame the controversy and showed off the standard of her short haircut.

Song Ji-hyo 2021 AAA

Song Ji-hyo attended the red carpet event of the 2021 Asian Artist Awards (AAA) held at KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of December 2nd. On this day, she boasted her short hairstyle in a black coat, giving off a strong vibe.

Song Ji-hyo 2021 AAA

As Song Ji-hyo has recently been involved in a controversy over her short haircut, attention was focused on her appearance. Unlike the controversial opinions from fans, Song Ji-hyo showed up with a high standard and neatly styled short hair, capturing the spotlight.

Song Ji-hyo 2021 AAA

Earlier on November 29th, Song Ji-hyo’s fandom ‘Song Ji-hyo Gallery” issued a statement to the actress’s agency – Creative Group ING complaining about Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut styling.

Song Ji-hyo instagram

Song Ji-hyo’s fandom said, “Since last year, negative articles about Song Ji-hyo’s styling have been frequently posted on many portal sites. In addition, she has also been mentioned from time to time as a celebrity who lacked styling on online communities. Fans have come to the conclusion that we can no longer sit by.”

Song Ji-hyo Running man

Along with this, they also asked for a replacement of Song Ji-hyo’s current stylist, hair, and also makeup shops. They emphasized refraining from using clothes that do not fit the concept.

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