In light of the dating rumor with aespa Karina, Stray Kids Hyunjin revealed his lockscreen

Hyunjin personally spoke up to verify the truth and clear up misunderstandings in light of his dating rumor with Karina

On September 6, a post on a Korean online forum drew attention when it stated that Hyunjin and Karina are likely dating.  Accordingly, in a video of Stray Kids, Hyunjin picked up his phone, and notably, his phone screen looks very similar to a selca photo of aespa member – Karina.

Some netizens also showed Karina’s selca as “proof”. Many Knets continued to post more suspicious evidence about this couple’s relationship.  Accordingly, both Hyunjin and Karina put a blue heart icon next to the name used on their Bubble application and both “accidentally” recommended a song (Your Dog Loves You) to the fans.

This dating rumor appears to have reached the idols themselves. When many individuals were asking questions regarding his lock screen and fans were perplexed, Hyunjin personally addressed the issue. The male idol shared a photo of his phone’s lock screen on Bubble and stated that this is a sketch he drew after watching a favorite film.

Hyunjin has tamped down the dating rumors of himself and Karina (aespa). The initial post on the online forum was likewise removed after that.

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