[PANN] Reasons why Baekhyun is destined to be famous

A fan expressed her feelings about EXO’s Baekhyun from his debut days up to the present.

“When I thought of Baekhyun during MAMA era, it’s like Baekhyun used to have some kind of super power for real…

How abnormal

Dazed and cute… What kind of creature is this? ㅠㅠ

In MAMA stages back then, his eyeliner was really thick, but seeing his naïve face like that makes me crazy!

Oh, how beautiful ㅠㅠㅠ Even in an MV, he was definitely an eye-catching member.

First of all, he’s one of EXO’s main vocalists. When I watch the group’s performance, no doubt that Baekhyun was born to be an idol.

A cute little fluffball!

When I look at Baekhyun of the present, I didn’t even realize that he and EXO debuted back in 2012… Time flies so fast.”

Sources: Pann

[+88, -9] Ever since his debut, Baekhyun has been a full-packaged idol already

[+85, -8] He still can look so cute in heavy make up on the stage, how amazing.


[+74, -6] His popularity is no joke. You can see his influence on his SNS very clearly. But when a fan asked him when would the group have a come back, he always felt sorry that his fans had to wait for so long… How adorable...

[+50, -111]  After the dating period, his image seemed to have rotten huh?

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