Whether Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s phone wallpaper is a selca of aespa’s Karina or not?

Hyujin made headlines again for one more time causing controversy. 

Recently, a netizen made a stir when sharing a screenshot from a Stray Kids video on an online community forum, which appeared to expose the background or lock screen image set on Hyunjin’s phone. It is noteworthy that the girl in the image looks a lot like aespa Karina.


Some netizens quickly linked the image to a selca of aespa Karina, insisting that the Stray Kids member had put an image of the SM’s rookie idol wallpaper.


Some internet users, however, believe that this is a blurred image of his pet dog. They also immediately showed a picture of the dog to prove their argument.

However, although the truth is not revealed yet, many netizens firmly believed that Hyunjin and Karina are dating. They also pointed out that the two idols both have the blue heart emoji next to their account names on Bubble. 


The two once recommended the same song on this platform.

Meanwhile, many others thought this inference was ridiculous as Karina was just a rookie after all.

Some comments from netizens:

  • “Why would Hyunjin be so bold as to put an image of Karina on his phone?”
  • “It’s crazy how the GIF edit reveals the transformation”
  • “I think the photo itself is solid proof”
  • “People are so quick to jump to conclusions…Karina is only a rookie”
  • “Except for the photo, song recommendations and having shared similar photos (of flowers, etc.) are too much of a stretch”
  • “The evidence is undeniable”
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