BLACKPINK’s comeback plan is like a joke, fans got to know about the comeback news from financial experts instead of YG?

Fans are frustrated because BLACKPINK’s comeback date keeps on being delayed.

Ever since the release of “Lovesick Girls” in October 2020, BLACKPINK has not made any comeback. This has become the longest hiatus in the group’s activity history and it might last even longer. YG has not announced anything, but some financial researchers and stock analysts have made some guesses on BLACKPINK’s comeback date.

“Lovesick Girls” MV – BLACKPINK

Recently, a stock market expert continued to raise the expectations of BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom). In particular, stock researcher Choi Min Ha of Samsung Securities revealed that BLACKPINK might release a comeback album in the middle of this year. There is also a high possibility that the girl group will hold a world tour.

According to stock researcher Choi Min Ha’s prediction, BLACKPINK will have a comeback in mid-2022.

Experts said that the new girl group that YG produced 6 years after BLACKPINK’s debut would also be introduced within 2022. Earlier, the rumor of BLACKPINK having to delay their comeback for the debut of their junior made fans really angry. Considering this rumor, Choi Min Ha’s prediction is getting more credible.

Fans are unmoved by any information about BLACKPINK’s comeback:

  • Remember in the middle of 2021, there was also an article predicting that BLACKPINK would make a comeback at the end of 2021, but now I’m still sitting here reading the article predicting that BLACKPINK will come back in mid-2022.
  • While waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback, let’s bring Stay to 1 billion views.
  • But notice that when YG were about to debut a new group, they almost started not paying much attention to the old groups. 
  • The company did not announce the group’s comeback schedule and fans had to hear information from financial experts.  Think we’re idiots?
  • Their last comeback was in2020. Wow~~~

If BLACKPINK really comes back in mid-2022, then BLACKPINK will have an impressive record for 3rd generation girl groups: 20 months without any comeback product. This must be a record that fans don’t want at all, but in the middle of the year is better than in the end of the year, or even in 2023, right?

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