This “idol of the theater scene” to be Song Hye-kyo’s acting partner for Kim Eun-sook’s next work

Park Sung-hoon has been casted in Kim Eun-sook’s new drama “The Glory”.    

Park Sung-hoon

Drama master and writer Kim Eun-sook finally appeared on Netflix. Her next drama called “The Glory” tells the story about the main character, Moon Dong-eun, who suffered greatly from school violence when she was a student and decided to take revenge on the bully’s son. Prominent actors such as Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun have already joined the team, raising high expectations.

Park Sung-hoon

Park Sung-hoon is the fourth main actor to be cast in “The Glory“. His name doesn’t immediately come to mind when the audience hears it, but in fact, Park Sung-hoon is an “idol in the theater industry” who has been active steadily in the stage play scene since his debut in 2008.

Park Sung-hoon

Some people may think of the character Sung-hoon who was a cameraman in the 2018 movie “Gonjiam – Haunted Asylum.” Prior to that, Park Sung-hoon also appeared as Gil-yu, the son of Gil Tae-mi, in the 2015 drama “The Roots of Throne.”

Park Sung-hoon

Park Sung-hoon dreamed of a comeback by playing the role of Crown Prince Yangnyeong in the drama “Joseon Exorcist” last year, but his dream fell through as “Joseon Exorcist” was canceled due to historical distortion controversy.

Park Sung-hoon‘s role in “The Glory” has not been revealed yet, but many has speculated that his role may be related in some way to the main character Mun Dong-eun.


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