BIBI reveals the reason why she doesn’t dwell on music charts 

Singer BIBI expressed her desire to immerse in the music world rather than expect high positions on music charts. 

BIBI, who made her official debut in the music industry in 2019, has built a unique music world by presenting songs that honestly capture the emotions she felt and thought. Her music, which adopted unconventional materials, concepts, and lyrics that were not easily found in the K-pop scene, brought a fresh wind to the music industry.


It was the overseas market that first paid attention to BIBI’s work amidst her unconventional move, compared to the quite divided reception in Korea. Westerners, particularly those from North America, were enthusiastic about BIBI’s free and outspoken music world. In addition, she later expanded her presence there and secured considerable popularity through collaboration with 88 Rising and stage performances at American festivals.

Long story short, BIBI has achieved a series of achievements in the North American market with the music she does best and the message she wants to say. Her first full-length album, “Lowlife Princess: Noir”, which was released on November 18th, became a signal to announce a full-scale movement.

It is known that through her own lyrics, compositions, and productions, BIBI’s first full-length album “Lowlife Princess: Noir” fully contained her own music world. Adopting a heavy message and a bold and unstoppable style, the album caught the eye via its unique title and lyrics as well. 

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In fact, BIBI’s unconventional move can be seen by looking at the titles of her 4 title tracks. At the press conference held ahead of her, Park Ji Yoon, who was in charge of hosting, even said, “This is the first time I’ve ever pronounced words like ‘BIBI Vengeance’ (Korean name: ‘Bad Bitch’) and ‘JOTTO’ while working on a broadcast.”

Hearing this, BIBI smirked and said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to do traditional broadcasts because of the titles of these new songs.” In the past, there were many songs deemed unsuitable for broadcast due to crude lyrics and title, and BIBI’s first album is likely to suffer from the same fate. 

In addition, BIBI drew attention by coolly responding, “Since all four title songs are high-level tracks, I think it will be a bit difficult to enter the chart this time too. However, I did everything I wanted to do, so it’s okay.”


At the same time, this perseverance is also backed with the full support and trust of Tiger JK, the head of BIBI’s agency. Particularly, Tiger JK also commented about the title of her new songs, saying, “In the case of ‘Jotto’, we also considered changing the title within the company, but since BIBI is an artist who values ​​the overall context, we allowed her to compete head-on.”

Confident in her music world, BIBI, who receives support from her company, began to blossom properly in the domestic music market. Contrary to BIBI’s expectation that it would be difficult to see high results on music charts for her new album, “Lowlife Princess: Noir” stood out by sweeping through various charts, even successfully chartining in all the b-side tracks. The number of views on the music video released at the same time is also skyrocketing.


In the end, BIBI broke the stereotypes of the public with her music. Against the Kpop market which is constantly following the latest trends, it is noteworthy that BIBI’s perseverance with her own colors has attained outstanding results. 

Now, attention is being paid to the direction of BIBI’s future music and message, as well as her growth. 

Source: daum

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