“I don’t like wearing clothes at home. I often wear nothing while washing the dishes” – A famous idol shocked everyone by confessing this

Former Lovelyz member Jeong Ye-in made a confession that surprised everyone.

In a recent interview with “Studio Moon Night”, Jung Ye-in said she doesn’t like wearing clothes at home. “Studio Moon Night” is MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s NAVER NOW. audio show that airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 P.M.

Studio Moon Night

During the interview, Jung Ye-in said, “I take off my clothes when washing the dishes. I don’t like wearing clothes at home. Do I have to wear clothes when I’m alone at home? I think I’m yearning for freedom.”

Studio Moon Night

She continued, “I like sleeping while wearing nothing”, then asked Moonbyul, “Do you know that sleeping naked is better for your body?”.

Studio Moon Night

Jung Ye-in signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency last month. She is currently in the middle of her final preparation for the release of her first solo single album “Plus n Minus”. By showing off her mature charm through the teaser image for her solo album, Jung Ye-in is drawing keen attention.


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