9th Ok-soon: “Our dating news surpassed Kim Yu-na’s wedding news and G-Dragon’s breakup news to be on #1”

While the 6th Young-soo honestly expressed his feelings about the 6th Ok-soon, the 9th Ok-soon explained the rumor of her relationship with the 6th Young-soo, solving viewers’ curiosity.

In the fifth episode of SBS PLUS and ENA’s “I’m SOLO: Love Goes On”, the spin-off of the dating reality “I’m SOLO,” along with the enthusiastic special MC “9th Ok-soon” Ko Cho-hee, the solo life of “American Army Lieutenant” 6th Young-soo and Young-chul ♥ Yeong-sook’s wedding were revealed.

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The 9th Ok-soon greeted Defconn X Ga-young, before looking into the daily life of the 6th Young-soo, the main character of the day. In particular, Young-soo drew more attention because he was the partner mentioned in Ok-soon’s dating rumors. In fact, Defconn stunned Ok-soon by directly mentioning her dating rumors, saying, “Taking sticker photos together means you guys are not simple friends.”

On this day, Young-soo revealed how he was still single after “I am SOLO,” and then went on a friendship trip with his friends. Among the friends who were with him were the 8th Kwang-soo, who is also an “American Army Lieutenant” like Young-soo. In the car heading to Yangyang, Gangwon-do, Kwang-soo confessed about Soon-ja, who became the final couple with him at the time on “I am SOLO” but they later broke up, saying, “We are friends.” “It was amazing how the articles came out about that even though I am not a celebrity,” he said with a smile. In this regard, MC Ok-soon said, “There were two articles about my dating news. We beat articles about Kim Yu-na‘s wedding news and GD to win first place,” she said, proving the influence of “I am SOLO”.


Young-soo and his friends, who arrived in Yangyang, enjoyed surfing and had a drinking party. Here, Young-soo mentioned the 6th Ok-soon and said, “I loved her so much. It’s been a long time since I liked someone that much. In my eyes, I only saw her,” he said, confessing his feelings at the time of filming “I’m SOLO”. In particular, Young-soo said, “Honestly, I tried to work it out with Ok-soon (6th) even after everything was over, but it didn’t work out, and Ok-soon met her boyfriend.” After that, Young-soo stopped by his mother’s grave ahead of his transfer to Busan. Young-soo said, “My mother worked as an actress in the United States. She was coming back from a performance, but I couldn’t even say goodbye to her because of a sudden accident,” he said, expressing his love for his mother.

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On the other hand, the 6th Young-chul ♥ Young-sook unveiled the scene at their happy wedding held on July 30th. On the wedding day, the two quarreled while riding in the wedding car, showing the chemistry of a “real” couple. In addition, not only their families, whom people have been curious about, but also the members of “I am SOLO” 6th group attended the wedding, drawing welcome. In particular, Young-chul’s mother thanked her daughter-in-law, saying, “I’m glad my son’s behavior and personality changed a lot after meeting Young-sook.” In addition, Young-chul’s three older sisters, who were misunderstood to be scary, gave words of blessing to Young-sook, saying, “Don’t be scared and we hope you guys live happily ever after.”

The wedding ceremony was hosted by the 6th Young-sik, who is about to marry the 6th Jung-sook. After a while, the groom’s entrance began, and amid the OST of “A Better Tomorrow”, the groom Young-chul, who transformed himself into Chow Yun-fat, appeared. Also, during the main ceremony, Young-sook shed tears because she was moved by the congratulatory message delivered by her best friend.

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After Young-chul ♥ Young-sook’s wedding ended with everyone’s blessing, Defconn asked Ok-soon to “define her relationship with Young-soo.” Accordingly, Ok-soon defined him as “a good friend.” Ok-soon explained, “I wasn’t the one who post the sticker picture either,” added, “Now that Young-chul ♥ Young-sook found wach other, I started wonder what I am even doing.”

SBS PLUS and ENA’s “I’m SOLO: Love Goes On” is a spin-off entertainment that contains the “after-story” of about 110 members who went through the “SOLO Country,” which airs every Thursday night at 10:30 p.m.

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