Fans were outraged as Song Ji-hyo was revealed to have worn a ripped coat during the 2021 AAA

The aftermath of the ‘styling’ controversy surrounding actress Song Ji-hyo is expected to continue.

Song Ji-hyo appeared in front of reporters’ cameras at the 2021 AAA (Asia Artist Awards), which was held at KBS Arena in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, on December 2nd. Since Song Ji-hyo has received opposition against her styling earlier, her outfit and style on that day drew keen attention.

At the award ceremony, Song Ji-hyo appeared in an all-black fashion. Long boots were chosen to complete her main outfit of a black two-button long coat. The makeup with thick eyeliner was added to her short haircut to create a chic vibe.

Song Ji-hyo a ripped coat 2021 AAA

However, fans expressed mixed opinions on Song Ji-hyo’s styling. Many people said there was no highlight on her outfit, pointing out that Song Ji-hyo’s styling was normal and unimpressive. Some also believed it was Song Ji-hyo’s pretty face that saved the whole clothing set.

On the other hand, many other netizens argued that Song Ji-hyo had proved her identity so well by confidently showing a new appearance. They cheered for the actress and asked people to refrain from excessive interference in celebrities’ lives. In fact, there was another thing that attracted Song Ji-hyo fans’ attention.

The hem of the long black coat that Song Ji-hyo wore that day was recently exposed. It was pointed out that the hem of her coat had already been torn since Song Ji-hyo was standing at the photo wall. Even when she was giving her award acceptance speech on stage, the bottom edge of her coat had not been fixed yet. Therefore, Song Ji-hyo’s appearance with an outfit malfunction was continuously captured by the media’s cameras.

Song Ji-hyo a ripped coat 2021 AAA

Many fans of Song Ji-hyo got angry. They said it was obviously a mistake of the staff who were in charge of Song Ji-hyo’s styling. They failed to find out the defective part in the actress’s outfit even though there were about 2 hours after the red carpet photo wall and ahead of the awards ceremony.

As attention was focused on Song Ji-hyo’s fashion because it was her first time showing up in public after the “styling” controversy broke out, netizens responded with more criticisms towards the staff’s irresponsible attitude. Some of Song Ji-hyo’s fans burst into anger, saying, “One common thing in the opinions of fans who issued the statement was not to criticize Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut or the quality of her outfits, but the basic attitude from her staff.”

Song Ji-hyo a ripped coat 2021 AAA

As additional mistakes by Song Ji-hyo’s staff have been revealed, the debate over her styling is expected to continue. At the 2021 AAA, Song Ji-hyo received the “RET Popularity Award” and said, “As always, I will try to show you my strong and healthy appearance.”


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