The two new actors who played “Shooting Stars” Jae-hyun and Yu-na are drawing keen attention from netizens

The couple Jae-hyun and Yu-na from the drama “Shooting Stars” made headlines.

These two rookies and their kiss scenes in tvN’s “Shooting Stars” recently became hot topics.

Jae-hyun and Yu-na

New actors Jae-hyun (Shin Hyun-seung) and Yu-na (Lee Si-woo) hated each other so much. The two went mad as soon as they found out that they would have a kiss scene in the drama they were working on. Both suggested using stand-ins and left the filming site. Thanks to the persuasion from their managers, Jae-hyun and Yu-na came back to the set to finish the kiss scene.

Jaehyun Yuna

Unlike their uncomfortable expressions earlier, the two immersed themselves in their characters and did a sweet kiss scene. The director was satisfied with their performance so he shouted “Cut”. 

Jaehyun Yuna

However, the two didn’t stop and kept kissing. It was not until the director shouted “Cut” one more time did Jae-hyun and Yu-na stop kissing and let go of each other. Both of them got confused after the deep kiss.

As the aftereffect of the kiss scene, Jae-hyun and Yu-na couldn’t forget each other. Reuniting for a commercial shoot, the two were cautious with each other. However, when the CF shooting started, both couldn’t help but get excited and keep staring at each other’s lips. 

Jaehyun Yuna

Jae-hyun and Yu-na eventually shared a real kiss in the waiting room during the break and began to get to know each other.

Jaehyun Yuna

Many viewers criticized “Shooting Stars” for its boring story and poor development. However, the chemistry between Shin Hyun-seung, who played Jae-hyun, and Lee Si-woo, who appeared in the drama as Yu-na, drew explosive reactions.

Jaehyun Yuna

What’s more surprising is that the two’s chemistry was famous even before they starred in “Shooting Star”.

Shin Hyun-seung and Lee Si-woo worked together in the webdrama “Be My Boyfriend”, which was released in 2021. “Be My Boyfriend” tells about Lee Seung-min (Shin Hyun-seung), who is offered a dating contract by senior student Oh Ji-na (Lee Si-woo), a famous girl in school whom he has a crush on. 

Lee Si-woo’s girl crush image and the two’s pure chemistry attracted keen attention at the time the web drama was released. The two also had a heart-fluttering kiss scene. 

Jaehyun Yuna

After seeing Shin Hyun-seung and Lee Si-woo’s performances in “Shooting Stars”, drama fans are raising high expectations for the two’s reunion in another romantic drama. 

Source: Daum

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