Tiffany shared, “I’m the most talkative in SNSD’s group chat… Hyo-yeon talks the least”

Tiffany revealed that she is the most talkative member in the group chat of Girls’ Generation.

On April 6th, a video titled, “How is Tiffany Young doing these days? From Soshi’s group chat TMI, Girls’ Generation’s 15th-anniversary plan, to Rachel in ‘The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family’!”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of fashion magazine Elle Korea.


The video showed Tiffany answering fans’ questions. When asked, “What kind of topics do SNSD often talk about in the group chat? The most and least talkative member?”, Tiffany replied, “It was Taeyeon’s birthday recently so we congratulated her a lot”.

She continued, “We send each other quizzes about like ‘What color am I?’, ‘What kind of flower am I?’, ‘What kind of animal am I?’”, adding, “We are always wanting to know more about each other”, showing her affection for the members.


Tiffany then picked herself as the member who talk the most in the group chat. As for the reason, she said, “All of a sudden, I’ve noticed that I became the most talkative person. In the group chat room, I say things like, ‘Last week’s meeting was like this and that. Today we need to follow up on this and that!’, every Monday morning”, adding, “It was becoming too much for me so we are currently on rotation each month”.


Hyo-yeon was mentioned as the member who talks the least in the group’s chatroom. Tiffany said, “She appears when she wants and doesn’t appear when she doesn’t want to”. Tiffany jokingly sent a video letter to Hyo-yeon, saying, “Hyo-yeon, don’t mute our group chat. We’re not that loud”.

Meanwhile, Tiffany recently performed the musical “Chicago”. She drew attention as it was her first time challenging musicals. 

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