Through “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, Nam Joo Hyuk no longer draws mixed reactions to his acting 

Nam Joo Hyuk did a good job in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”.

Twenty Five, Twenty One has officially wrapped up and left a lot of emotions lingering in the viewers’ hearts. In particular, Nam Joo Hyuk has received many compliments for his fulfilling portrayal of the lovable male lead Baek Yi Jin

Nam Joo Hyuk

Ever since his on-screen debut, Nam Joo Hyuk‘s acting has faced mixed reactions. Some viewers find his acting stiff and lacking emotions, while others enjoy watching him. When Nam Joo Hyuk took on the male lead roles in famous dramas such as The Bride of Habaek, Start Up, School 2015, his acting came under controversy. He was even said to be overshadowed by the second male leads in terms of acting. 

Twenty Five, Twenty One is like a turning point for Nam Joo Hyuk as an actor as he successfully showed his improvement and managed to fully immerse into the character. Baek Yi Jin seems to be meant for Nam Joo Hyuk and not anyone else.

Especially the last 6 episodes of Twenty Five, Twenty One is the time when Nam Joo Hyuk best shows his ability to play the character Baek Yi Jin.  From the eyes, smile to the figure, all show the real Baek Yi Jin that everyone desires.

It was a mature version of Yi Jin, wearing a suit, working as a reporter.  He is also a funny, gentle Yi Jin next to Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and friends.  His sad yet beautiful smile, his affectionate and sweet eyes only directed at Hee Do. Yi Jin‘s sad and tearful eyes in the last episode left many thoughts in the audience’s hearts.  It can be said that Nam Joo Hyuk has fully conveyed the character of Baek Yi Jin in “Twenty Five, Twenty One“.  This is also an outstanding work in the actor’s acting career.

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