“Threatening Lee Sun-kyun” Ms. Park, did she also target Jeon Hye-jin? “I know her number”

Meanwhile, circumstances have been discovered that both the hacker and Park attempted to approach Lee Sun-kyun’s wife, Jeon Hye-jin.

On Jan 2nd, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “Obtaining the creepy KakaoTalk messages that girl sent” through his channel.


In the video, Lee Jin-ho revealed the KakaoTalk messages exchanged between the hacker and the adult entertainment establishment head Kim Nam-hee on Oct 4th last year.

According to the revealed messages, the hacker told Kim Nam-hee, “If you don’t bring 200 million won by early morning, I’ll send a KakaoTalk message to Lee Sun-kyun’s wife, and I’ll let everyone around you know.”

Lee Jin-ho explained, “We can see from this KakaoTalk message that the amount demanded by the hacker is at least 200 million won. Moreover, the hacker explicitly notified that they would contact ‘Lee Sun-kyun’s wife’.

In particular, Lee Jin-ho also disclosed the content of the message that Park sent when threatening Lee Sun-kyun.


Park sent a message to Lee Sun-kyun’s side, saying, “I wasted too much time because of Kim Nam-hee, and I’ll make Kim Nam-hee go to jail. I also need to get money. I want all the money you gave Kim Nam-hee to be recovered. If secondary damage comes from your forwarding (my) contact to Kim Nam-hee, I’ll disclose the original recording from Kim Nam-hee’s phone.”

She continued, “I’ve already identified Jeon Hye-jin’s number. Lee Sun-kyun’s personality is reflected in the 16-minute recording. Please make a wise choice before replying. If you talk to the National Intelligence Service, I’ll proceed without mercy. I hope actor Lee Sun-kyun doesn’t lose his honor because of the madam from the adult entertainment establishment. Let’s finish with 200 million won.”

Park attracted attention when she appeared holding a child at the pre-arrest hearing on Dec 28th, 2023. She was arrested that day.

The police are not ruling out the possibility of another blackmailer’s existence.

Source: Nate

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