Seolhyun works with Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Hee Won…Join the cast of “Shop of the Lamp”

Singer-actress Seolhyun joined the lineup of the new drama “Shop of the Lamp”.

As a result of Star News’ exclusive coverage on May 15th, it was confirmed that Seolhyun was cast in the drama “Shop of the Lamp” based on Kang Full’s webtoon.

“Shop of the Lamp” is a popular webtoon serialized on Kakao in 2011, featuring five people of different ages, origins, backgrounds and occupations from teenagers to old people. The stories of the living and the dead intersect through a store that sells lights.


Seolhyun was offered the role of Ji Young, who was in a relationship with Hyun Min. In the original work, Ji Young chose to die after hearing abusive language from Hyun Min’s mother after Hyun Min suffered an unfortunate accident.

Previously, Joo Ji Hoon was selected for the role of the lighting store owner. In addition, the news that Kim Hee Won will direct a drama for the first time since his debut through “Shop of the Lamp” became a hot topic.

After appearing in ENA’s “Summer Strike” released in November last year, Seolhyun won “Outstanding Female Performance (Drama)” at LA Web Fest 2023 for this work.

Source: Nate

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