IU, who faces unfair plagiarism accusations, will hold an event for fans

Singer and actress IU will hold a surprise event for fans in celebration of her birthday, amid being unfairly accused. 

On May 15th, IU will hold a “2023 HAPPY IU DAY [IU’s 5.16MHz with UAENA] Voice Live” at 11:30 PM (KST) for the members of her official fan club “UAENA 6th”. Fan club members can participate in the event through a link sent individually.


The event is a radio-like session, where IU directly answers questions from fans and shares her recent activities. This event, which is held in celebration of IU’s birthday, was held before in 2021.

Meanwhile, IU was recently accused of plagiarism for six songs, including “Pink Shoes”, “Good Day”, “BBIBBI”, “Pitiful”, “Boo”, and “Celebrity” by an anonymous citizen.


In response, IU’s agency stated on May 12th, “We have been responding through months of monitoring and requesting investigations against forces that have consistently been spreading plagiarism suspicions, groundless spy rumors, and sexual slanders towards our artist. We were beyond dumbfounded and shocked to learn that some of them have filed a complaint raising plagiarism suspicions.”


The agency also revealed that the accuser related to the plagiarism suspicion is a malicious troll targeting IU. “We believe that the investigative agency will make a quick and wise judgment on this clearly wrongful accusation, and depending on the result, we will hold accountable those who have indiscriminately made such accusations”, they stated, hinting at strong legal actions. 

Source: wikitree

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