“The Glory” Kim Gun Woo recalls his ex-girlfriend’s curry recipe “I had a hard time because of it”

Kim Gun Woo confessed that he had a hard time because of curry after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

On the May 7th broadcast of SBS’ entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, actor Kim Gun Woo, who drew attention for playing Son Myeong Oh in Netflix’s drama “The Glory”, served curry to his high school close friends who came to his house.

kim gun woo

Friends ate Kim Gun Woo’s curry and asked, “It’s delicious. But why (do you serve us) curry?

Kim Gun Woo replied, “Curry is actually my major. (I serve it to you) because I’ve never done it for you.” Hearing this, one of his friends made a meaningful remark, “There’s a reason it’s your major.

kim gun woo

Another friend said, “Is this recipe that one? Her recipe?” Kim Gun Woo sighed deeply, arousing curiosity.

When this friend asked “Weren’t you dating each other for a long time then? 4 years?“, Kim Gun Woo confessed, “It was okay after we broke up, but I had a hard time because of curry. I really enjoyed the curry made by my ex-girlfriend.

kim gun woo

Another friend caused laughter by revealing, “He went to a lot of curry restaurants to forget that curry taste. In the end, he couldn’t find it, so he developed a recipe himself.

Source: Nate

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