From Kim Yuna to Park So Dam, the worst-dressed female stars at recent award ceremonies 

Winter has arrived. The entertainment industry is also wrapping up the year with various award ceremonies and concerts. 

On November 30th (local time), the 2022 MAMA Awards was held at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan. Not only singers but also various celebrities attended the event. Prior to this, on November 25th, the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards was held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. It was the moment when the film industry, which had been suffering from the pandemic, was shining again.

However, some female stars stood out with their outfits which sparked mixed reactions. The main characters of the worst-dressed celebrities were figure skating queen Kim Yuna, dancer Gabee, actor Park So Dam, broadcaster Ahn Hyun Mo, and actress Ahn So Hee

Kim Yuna 

kim yuna

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna made her first public appearance after her marriage. Her elegant beauty was still the same as ever, but her heavy makeup and fashion, which is different from her usual image, caused regret. It’s also a pity that she completely covered her waistline with a cardigan. Her dress looks stuffy rather than graceful. Large floral patterns and detailed points seem to go against the trend. Even the patterns on her earrings and belt are excessive.


lachica gabee

The material of Gabee’s thorny pink dress makes her body look bigger. It would have been better to remove the arm sleeves. Her silver shoes and dress also don’t match well. It’s a pity that Gabee’s strong aura was buried in this outfit. 

Park So Dam

park so dam

Although the design of her dress is unique, it was not a design that was particularly suitable to show off Park So Dam’s lovely charm. The design of the tulle skirt, the forearm wrapped in see-through fabric, and the bold earrings just look too flamboyant. It’s like looking at a modern work of art with an unknown subject. The unbalance of the top is also odd. The overall combination looks distracting. Wouldn’t Park So Dam’s charms have been enhanced even if she had just chosen a see-through, lace, or just a simple black dress?

Ahn Hyun Mo 

Ahn Hyun Mo’s features are clear and she has a Western-style beauty, so flashy drop-type earrings or bold jewelry don’t look good on her. 

ahn hyun mo

The material of her dress is unique, so the clothes alone attract attention, but it looks distracting because of the excessive accessories. And Ahn Hyun Mo was the MC for the red carpet event that day, and as an MC leading the stage where the spotlight falls, she should have paid more attention.

Ahn So Hee

The dress covered up Ahn So Hee’s charm, making her look older. She was wearing an outfit that didn’t fit. It’s not the size, but the dress and Ahn So Hee’s image don’t match. More than the evaluation of the dress design itself, it is doubtful whether it really suited Ahn So Hee.


If the winged robe worn by the fairy in Fairy and the Woodcutter existed in reality, it would feel like this. The problem is that fashion in folk tales has no place in 2022.

Source: Naver

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