The wealth of YG Entertainment, from using a chartered jet for tour to outstanding MV sets

YG Entertainment never holds back when it comes to spending money on its artists.

YG entertainment was once demoted from a blue-chip company to a small and medium firm due to poor financial results. Nevertheless, such a demotion never affects the wealth of YG, which still spends huge amounts on its artists.

yg entertainment blackpink lisa
YG Entertainment never holds back when it comes to spending money

BLACKPINK is currently in the middle of their world tour “BORN PINK”, and the set of their concerts have never disappointed any fans. In addition, YG also flies BLACKPINK and staff members around using a chartered jet, which is fully decorated with “BORN PINK” head covers. 

Lisa instagram
BLACKPINK Lisa posing next to the specialized jet 
Blackpink concert dallas
The outstanding venue for BLACKPINK’s concert 

Kpop groups nowadays often boast stunning MV productions with jaw-dropping costs. However, for YG, this has been the tradition since the 2nd generation, with 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” MV approximately costing 500,000 USD.  The music video of BIGBANG’s “Love Song”, which used a technology never since before at the time, also cost up to 200,000 USD. 

2NE1 looked like they were in a sci-fi movie for “Come Back Home” 
Despite BIGBANG’s “Love Song” being in full black-and-white, the MV costed a hefty sum 

In addition, contrary to many other agencies, YG refrained from using the greenscreen when filming the MVs for its artists. Instead, the company builds astonishing sets and utilizes extremely eye-pleasing special effects. 

From the colors to the movements, every product of YG artists is perfectly produced, and exudes luxury every second. 

blackpink pink venom
The set for BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom”
blackpink lisa
Lisa’s black “diamond apple” also rakes up a lot of production cost 
TREASURE’s “Jikjin” MV cost YG Entertainment 500 million won 

YG’s wealth is also shown through the company’s headquarters, which cost around 74.7 billion won to build. The building also flaunts a completely different architecture compared to others, with YG’s signature chic vibe. 

yg entertainment
YG’s new headquarters is a building with a unique design and area that is 10 times the old space 

It is known that YG’s new building included 14 floors with a total area of 19,834 meters square. The building is also well-equipped with facilities for exercising, entertainment, as well as the famous cafeteria. 

blackpink jennie
YG’s new building is a famous check-in spot for its artists 
yg entertainment
Even the coffee shop nearby the headquarters exudes luxury 

Source: Yan News

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