Han Ga-in almost couldn’t marry Yeon Jung-hoon because of her older sister’s disapproval?

Circle House

Han Ga-in sobbed while continuing her talk on the subject of conflicts between brothers and sisters on the recent broadcast of SBS’s “Circle House”, which aired on March 17th.

Twin brothers appeared on the show and the older brother complained, “I don’t want to lose my younger brother”. They also confessed their inferiority complex which was caused by the high-low relationship at work, the fact that the younger brother got married first, buying houses, etc.

Circle House

Upon hearing the story, Han Ga-in said, “Listening to them, I suddenly thought of my sister”.

Han Ga-in revealed that her sister took the CSAT exam 3 times. Han Ga-in’s older sister said she had studied more than Han Ga-in did throughout 3 years, so the burden of doing better in the same CSAT exam on her was greater.

Circle House

Han Ga-in then confessed, “When I and my husband told her that we were getting married, she said, ‘You’re my younger sister but you’re getting married before me? No way. Even if I have to give up everything else, I will never let you get married before me’. My older sister got married 4 months earlier than I did and gave birth to a child first”.

Saying that the competition between sisters was meaningless, Han Ga-in continued, “My sister now accepts everything at some point. She said, ‘You and I are different. You go your own way, I go my own way’”.

Circle House

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Circle House” is a show that acts as a special embracing circle and secret counseling center for young people in the modern generation who need comfort. It airs every Thursday at 9 P.M.

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