Han Ga-in recalled being hit by her sister and shed blood on “Circle House”

Han Ga-in talked about her past conflict with her sister.

In the latest episode of SBS’s counseling program for young people “Circle House,” which aired on March 17, the cast talked about the first born’s sacrifice and the second child’s sorrow in daily life.

han ga in circle house

Conflicts between brothers and sisters became the subject of the broadcast. However, among the hosts, only Lee Seung-gi is the first born. Dr. Oh Eun-young, Han Ga-in, Noh Hong-cheol, and Lee Jung are all the second and youngest. When Lee Seung-gi sighed, “Am I the only eldest son herer?” Noh Hong-chul said, “This is your time. Kkkondae. Eldest son. It’s always your story.”

han ga in circle house

Han Ga-in said, “I have an older sister. I really have a lot to say about my sister. When I was in high school, my sister hit me a lot,” and Lee Seung Gi and Noh Hong Chul said, “Even between girls? Where did she hit you?”

In response, Han Ga-in surprised everyone by saying, “She grabbed my head, hit my stomach, and bit my toe, and my feet bled. When she punched my teeth, my gums burst, and I bled. “Mom, I think she broke my tooth,” then my mom hit my sister a lot.”

han ga in circle house

Han Ga-in then said, “Now she’s almost my best friend and who I talk to a lot. She’s really a friend who I can talk to about everything. Even though I used to get hit a lot.”

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