This rapper confesses to being stabbed 17 times during an argument with his biological father

The story of a rapper being stabbed 17 times during an argument with his biological father is gaining attention.

On January 19th, on a Korean online community, a post titled “The rapper who was stabbed by his father 17 times” was uploaded and drew attention. 

Big Baby
Big Baby

At the time, rapper Big Baby said about himself, “I just lived like everyone else. ‘Oh, what should I do? What should I do to have a better life?’ To put it briefly, my biological father stabbed me about 17 times with a knife after an argument a year and a half ago.”

He went on to say, “You can say ‘how on earth can that happen?’ But it’s true. My father (at the time) was not drunk. He was sober.”

Big Baby said, “But honestly, during our argument, I was a bit harsh (to my father). That’s why it happened.”

Big Baby
Big Baby

Afterwards, Big Baby said, “I was stabbed and taken to the emergency room and woke up after three days. I was in a coma.”

Big Baby revealed the wounds he suffered due to his father at the time and said, “I was in an intensive care unit when I opened my eyes, and the pain was indescribable.”

Big Baby

He showed the scars on his thighs, saying, “I can’t show them all (there are a lot of scars), but they are on my left arm, side, stomach number 2, and thigh.”

Big Baby recalled being taken to the emergency room, “I had something in my mouth, I couldn’t speak, and I lived like semi-vegetable for six months in the hospital. This is a fact that everyone knows.”

Big Baby said, “I lay down and covered my urine. I couldn’t even move. All I could do was stand up and eat… In the beginning, I couldn’t even speak. The knife stabbed my lungs.”

Source: Wikitree. 

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