BTS members shows strong music performance and diverse sounds, but receives mixed reviews on solo program appearances 

BTS members are building their solo careers successfully; but their entertainment activities still need more considerations. 

BTS has been gaining much popularity a group. However, as the deadlines for military enlistment is approaching near, fans and netizens are paying more attention to their individual activities. While the members were able to garner many music-related achievements, the members’ solo program appearances are receiving mixed reviews. 

After BTS Jin joined the military, three other members began their solo activities in earnest. RM kickstarted BTS’ solo activities by releasing his solo debut album “Indigo” in December last year. The rapper broke into various Billboard charts, such as the Billboard 200, Billboard Artist 100, World Albums chart and many more. 


Jimin continued the success by topping various Billboard charts with the title track “Like Crazy” from his solo debut album “FACE”. He became the first K-pop soloist and a BTS member to enter at first place in the Billboard Hot 100. 

With the release of “D-DAY”, Suga entered the Billboard 200 in second place. He is also the second BTS member to have a solo track debuting in the Billboard Hot 100. Previously, “Haegeum” and “People Pt.2” (feat. IU) also entered various Billboard charts. 

Last year, Jung Kook shone at the 2022 FIFA World Cup with his performances of Qatar OST “Dreamers”. The song topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 102 countries and regions. The song also dominated Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales and Digital Song Sales in the first week of release. The song also charted well on Billboard Global 200. 

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A K-pop official said, “BTS is not just an idol group but has become an icon, so individual members are showing enough influence even if they are not group activities,” adding, “On the contrary, they are pursuing musical diversity”. 

Apart from music activities, BTS also has their own variety content that connects the fandom together, “Run BTS!” Through games and challenges, the BTS members show other aspects of their relationship that might have not been showcased in other occasions. 

In recent times, the members are branching out and making solo appearances on various programs. However, the rating did not quite make the cut. RM participated in tvN’s entertainment show “Useless Job”, a program that dealt with general knowledge about humans. As the most eloquent BTS member who boasts a good look, RM could not garner as much buzz as expected. The viewership rating started at 3.5% but ended with 2.7%. 

V also took part in a program that emphasized his personal life. In July last year, he was on a trip with his gang of friends, Wooga Fam, on a travel entertainment program, “In the SOOP: Friendship Trip”. After that, he participated in tvN’s entertainment show “Seojin’s”, V got to show more of his “human Kim Tae Hyung”. Nonetheless, the singer’s appearance received mixed opinions from netizens.

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In regards to BTS’ entertainment appearances, a broadcasting official said, “Strictly speaking, it is difficult to say that RM in ‘Useless Job’ and V in ‘Seojin’s’ stood out greatly in the program. However, it is significant in that they took their first step in solo appearances after BTS’ great success,” adding, “The media also needs to analyze and evaluate this more soberly.” In conclusion, they said, “Apart from their music performance, more realistic criticism and advice should be provided, and each member should actively accept it so that they can decide on a better next move”. 

Source: naver 

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