Not “The Glory” or “Single’s Inferno 2”, this Korean show ranks 4th on Netflix’s global chart

Netflix’s Korean program “Physical: 100” is gaining huge popularity among overseas viewers.

“Physical: 100”, which was introduced for the first time on January 14th, is an extreme survival game entertainment show to find the person with the best “body” among 100 participants who proudly think they are the strongest.

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Only 4 out of 9 episodes have been released, but “Physical: 100” already rose to No.4 on Netflix’s Worldwide Top TV Shows rankings released on FlixPatrol on February 2nd. In particular, the program proves its popularity by placing 1st in various countries, such as Korea, Bahrain, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

“Physical: 100” was first recognized in Korea, According to the announcement of Good Data Corporation on January 30th, it topped the non-drama/show category of the TV-OTT popularity chart in the 4th week of January within the first week of its release.

Good Data Corporation CEO Won Soon Woo said, “Agent H, Choo Sung Hoon, Yoon Sung Bin, Seol Ki Kwan, Cha Hyun Seung, and Shim Eu Deum are the most famous challengers among 100 participants and they are creating many hot topics”, adding “As new issue makers are appearing, the show’s popularity is expected to increase further”.

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Meanwhile, “Physical: 100” is attracting attention through not only its interesting content but also controversies. 

In a recently released episode, martial arts player Park Hyung Geun was seen pressing the chest of female bodybuilder Chun Ri with his knee while overpowering her during the game. This scene aroused heated arguments among netizens in Korea and overseas.

Physical 100

In addition, a post containing spoilers of “Physical: 100” winner also spread on various online communities and SNS sites, causing controversies. Pointing out the fact that Yang Hak Sun was named as the main cast of “Physical: 100” in the program’s information section on the Korea Media Rating Board, some netizens argued, “Yang Hak Sun might be the final winner of this survival show”.

In this regard, the production team explained that it was a misunderstanding, revealing that it was because the Korea Media Rating Board listed the participants from the person who appeared on the show first.

Source: wikitree

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