Hyeri “I’m on a diet so I usually eat salad… I can wear clothes that expose my belly now”

Actress Hyeri showed a snow crab mukbang that is no less than a big eater while on a diet.

Hyeri uploaded a video titled “Hyeri’s day ‘Crab doesn’t make you gain weight'” on her personal YouTube channel. In the video, she went to eat crab with her family.

Hyeri said, “It’s been a while since I had a day off. I was hanging out with my mom and sister and thinking maybe I should film my YouTube now. So I turned the camera on.”

At the same time, she showed her appearance of changing clothes for going out in a full-length mirror. Hyeri shared, “I’m on a diet. I had a salad for lunch. I’m going to eat crab for dinner. Crab is a diet food, right? I can wear clothes that expose my belly now.”

On this day, Hyeri wore a knit cropped T-shirt and exposed her abs. Her belly, which became flat due to diet, drew attention.

Lee Hye-ri

Hyeri went on to say, “I’m on a diet so I usually eat salad, shabu-shabu, Vietnamese rolls or poke these days. Is there anything else to eat? I don’t think crab make you gain weight.”

On her way to eat, she said, “I’m suffering from hunger. It’s going to be mom, auntie, uncle, dad, me and Hyerim. Six of us total.” In particular, Hyeri’s mom said, “Hyeri, make sure you have enough money! We’re going to eat a lot.”

Lee Hye-ri

Hyeri’s nephew also appeared. Hyeri saw her nephew and liked him so much, so she quickly took pictures with her phone.

Hyeri confessed, “I’m on a diet. I eat crab because crab doesn’t make me gain weight.” She then added “I’m stuffed” but kept eating. Her sister Hyerim said, “You ate as much as uncle.” Hyeri responded “I think I ate it all. Maybe 2kg?” but continued her mukbang.

Her mom said, “Isn’t it greasy? Try this pickle!” Hyeri smilingly replied, “I’m on a diet, so I can’t eat that.” When her mom said “She seriously finished 2/3 of it”, Hyeri smiled embarrassingly.

lee hyeri

Meanwhile, Hyeri will appear in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “May I Help You”, which will premiere on Oct 19th.

Source: Nate

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