This idol went from a café part-timer to a star thanks to a manager who was a regular at his workplace

This part-timer, who was offered an audition by Nell’s manager after he confessed that he was a fan of Nell, eventually became INFINITE’s leader.

INFINITE’s Kim Sung Kyu successfully completed his first overseas fanmeeting schedule after recovering from a jaw injury.

On Nov 19th and 20th, Kim Sung Kyu held the fanmeeting “THE TEN” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his solo debut at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taiwan (local time). This was Kim’s first overseas fanmeeting after recovering from a jaw injury in August.

Kim Sungkyu

Kim Sung Kyu shared, “It’s been five years since I last performed in Taiwan, and I am grateful for the welcome. I’m gaining more strength to go forward,” he said, expressing his overwhelming feelings. Kim Sung Kyu will hold another fanmeeting to mark the 10th anniversary of his solo debut in Tokyo, Japan, on Dec 18th.

Kim Sungkyu

Meanwhile, Kim Sung Kyu suffered a fractured mandible in August and had to cancel all of his schedule, including the musical “Kinky Boots” and “Late Night Idol,” of which he was a part of the fixed cast. At the time, his agency said, “According to the specialist in charge, the surgery ended well, and he is currently recovering with stable condition.”

Later on Nov 26th, when asked by fans about his condition, Kim Sung Kyu responded, “I fell down forward and hit my chin,” he said, explaining the reason for his injury, “I’m much better now. I’m recovering now.”

Kim Sungkyu

On the other hand, Kim Sung Kyu shared that singer Nell was the reason why he was where he was now.

Before debuting as a member of the group INFINITE in the past, Kim Sung Kyu said he dreamed of becoming a singer after listening to the band Nell when he was a student. After that, he developed his dream by joining a rock band in high school.

Kim Sungkyu

Kim Sung Kyu then went up to Seoul, lived in a low-cost room and worked as a cafe part-timer. When asked by Nell’s manager, who was a regular at his café, Kim answered, “I’m a fan of Nell,” due to which he was offered an audition and made his debut as the leader of INFINITE.

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Kim Sungkyu

Later, Kim Sung Kyu was able to work with Nell member Kim Jong Wan on his solo album. He is continuing his activities in various fields such as singers, MCs, and musical actors.

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