Kim Sejeong, “I.O.I and Gugudan are the spring in my early 20s, while Business Proposal is the spring in the second half of my 20s”

Kim Sejeong opened up about her career and recent viral role in “Business Proposal”. 

Idol-turned actress Kim Sejeong recently had an interview after the successful drama “Business Proposal” ended. She shared many things about her role as Shin Hari and talked about her future career path.

After the first episode of “Business Proposal” was broadcast, Kim Sejeong was dubbed “Korea’s Emma Stone” thanks to her on-point expressions and charming acting in the blind date scene. Regarding this nickname, she said: “I feel very grateful. I am a huge fan of Emma Stone and have also heard many people say that we look alike. Being given that nickname makes me feel very happy”.

Kim Se Jeong-A Business Proposal

Regarding the steamy bed scene between Shin Hari and Kang Taemoo (Ahn Hyo Seop) in episode 11, Sejeong said, “I didn’t worry much about that scene. Of course, as Sejeong, I was a bit panicked. But between Hari and Taemoo, it didn’t feel awkward at all. Actually, the scene made me quite embarrassed so I couldn’t watch it. I felt like I was secretly watching Hari and Taemoo doing their thing.”

Kim Se Jeong

When asked to self-rate for the role of Shin Hari in “A Business Proposal”, Sejeong gave herself 90 points, “I want to give myself 90 points for trying my best for this role”. Finally, Sejeong expressed the importance that the film gave her during her days at the age of 27 full of enthusiasm and passion: “I am at the most beautiful age of human life. People always say that the age from 25 to 30 is the most beautiful time. Looking back now, I know I will always remember this drama as an important moment in my life. If my early 20s were spent with I.O.I and Gugudan, this late 20s spring of mine belongs to “A Business Proposal”. I want to continue to make my mark in the years to come.”

A Business Proposal-Kim Se Jeong

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