P.O’s request for IU to visit him in the military sparks controversy, “Why does IU have to take care of his military life?”

Block B’s P.O sparked controversy as he asked IU to visit him in the military.

On April 6th, a video titled, “P.O’s letter to fans before joining the army (feat. IU)”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of GQ Korea. In the released video, P.O expressed what he wanted to say to Block B members, program producers, acquaintances, and fans ahead of his military enlistment. In particular, he drew attention by leaving a message to IU, saying, “IU, if you could come to my army base when you have time, I think it would help my military life a lot… I was going to say this, but I’m not going to do so”. 

However, some netizens expressed displeasure with P.O’s remark about IU. They believe there is no reason for IU to take care of P.O’s military life since they are not that close to each other. 


On the other hand, others think P.O’s mention of IU is nothing to be considered too serious since male celebrities, who are about to enlist in the military, often ask girl group members or female celebrities to visit them.


On the 28th of last month, P.O joined the Marine Corps Education & Training Group in Ocheon-eup, Nam-gu, Pohang. His scheduled discharge date is September 27th, 2023.

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