Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin talked about acting in “Our Blues”

Shin Min-ah pointed out the things we should look forward to in “Our Blues.”

The press conference of tvN’s new weekend drama “Our Blues” was held online on April 7th. Writer Noh Hee-kyung and director Kim Kyu-tae, as well as the cast all participated in this event. “Our Blues” is a drama that depicts various life stories of various characters against the backdrop of warm and lively Jeju and the cold and rough sea.

Our Blues cast

Shin Min-ah plays the role of Sun-ah, who came down to Jeju Island after getting divorced. When asked how she felt about playing the role of a mother for the first time, Shin Min-ah said, “I was worried that it would be difficult to express the process of overcoming the emotional lines or wounds that Sun-ah has rather than the burden of being a mother.”

Our Blues-Lee Byung Hun-Shin Min Ah

She added, “I think it would be too difficult, but strangely, I understood Sun-ah’s heart. We were heartbroken together. It would be fun to express this pain and try to overcome it. The character of Sun-ah had the biggest influence on me when choosing this work. I sympathized with Sun-ah’s emotional line and charm.”

When asked about filming at the location of Jeju Island, she said, “The weather was so bad every time I filmed the parts in Jeju. The director even said that when I came, the wind started to blow too much. When I think of filming on Jeju Island, I feel like I’m going to fly away from the wind,” she said. “But as the wind blew a lot, Sun-ah was drawn as the main character of a deeper story.”

Kim Woo-bin, who is openly dating Shin Min-ah, plays the role of chief Park Jung-joon. “I’m so nervous,” he said, adding, “I’m happy and grateful to be able to greet you (the audience) through a drama.”

Our Blues-Han Ji Min-Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo-bin wanted to understand his character’s environment, went down to Jeju Island first to meet the chief, and learned how to prepare fish himself, boarded the ship and filmed. Kim Woo-bin said, “It was hard as I got seasick even when I took medicine before getting on the boat. I stayed alert and breathed like meditation while looking at the end of the sea. That’s why I felt better and became more peaceful. I liked it because it was an experience you could never have if you didn’t get on the ship yourself.”

His love line with Han Ji-min is described as “refreshing.” “It’s sad and there’s a story, but on the other hand, it feels bright,” he said, adding to expectations for their romance.

Our Blues cast

When asked why Shin Min-ah, Kim Woo-bin, her actual lover, were cast for different love lines, writer Noh Hee-kyung said, “I didn’t think they would do it if we put them in the same love line.” “The two are in different love lines while casting. I asked them if they could understand our reasons, and fortunately, they both said it was okay. I thought, “Of course, they do it because they are good actors. They are so cool that I didn’t have any other worries,” she said, explaining the smooth casting process.

Shin Min-ah said of the viewing point of “Our Blues, “I get hurt and comforted in my life. That’s the story. It is a drama that can be comforting about human-to-human relations,” she said, signaling the healing stories in Jeju. Kim Woo-bin said, “A drama with various and warm stories. You’ll be able to relate to it.”

tvN’s “Our Blues,” which contains stories of life, comfort and overcoming challenges, will premiere at 9:10 p.m. on April 9th.

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