This is the most liked photo on Asian Instagram, but it’s hard to believe it neither belongs to BLACKPINK nor BTS

BTS V’s Instagram (BTS) currently has more than 40 million followers, ranking 5th among Kpop idols.

On the afternoon of December 6, 7 BTS members officially set up personal Instagram accounts after 8 years of debut. This is a very meaningful milestone for the ARMY community in particular and fans around the world in general because previously the 7 boys of the “global group” all used Instagram, Twitter, and Weverse under the name BTS.

As of now, V (BTS) currently has more than 40.1 million followers, and 46 posts. He is currently following 7 users including members of the group and the group’s official Instagram account.


With his Instagram account, V has set a series of Kpop records and even holds 2 Guinness World Records.

Notably, although only owning the 5th most followers after 4 BLACKPINK members, the BTS member is the Kpop idol holding the most liked photo on Instagram, not 4 BLACKPINK girls.

However, what makes netizens excited is the fact that the most liked photo on V‘s Instagram does not belong to him, but to his pet dog. This is also the first photo of Asia to reach 19 million likes, and also the most liked photo in KPop and Asia on this social media platform.

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