44-year-old Lee Hyo-ri confesses, “I have gotten too old to wear short pants… I was taken to the hospital after my first concert” 

Lee Hyo-ri and BoA reminisced about their activities in the 2000s.

In the new episode of TVING’s reality show “Seoul Check-in” released on April 22nd, Lee Hyo-ri, BoA, and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa spent time together.

lee hyori

BoA revealed that she has been preparing for the 20th anniversary of her debut in Japan, while Hwasa made everyone jealous saying that she recently had a vacation in Europe.

During their conversation, Lee Hyo-ri looked at Hwasa’s boots and asked, “Where are these from?” Hwasa said, “I got them as a gift after shooting a pictorial.” Lee Hyo-ri then said jokingly and drew laughter, “You said you took that pictorial? You know it was originally mine, right? Didn’t I do it for 10 years? No one contacted me this time. Turns out it was you who did it?”. Hwasa got embarrassed so she covered her face for a moment and said, “It’s an honor.”

lee hyori

BoA said she has lots of memories of when her activities overlapped with Lee Hyo-ri’s in the past. She revealed that they met at the broadcasting station many times and BoA even slept at Lee Hyo-ri’s house. BoA said, “I suddenly remember when my activities overlapped with your promotion of ‘10 Minutes’.” Lee Hyo-ri pointed out how she has changed, “We were really pretty back then. We could wear short pants easily. I used to go eating out wearing those, but I can’t wear them now. So weird”. Lee Hyo-ri recalled the past 20 years and said, “We’ve become a bit old”. BoA agreed, “I can feel my saggy skin”. Lee Hyo-ri said, “I also feel my belly skin is changing with age. I’m glad that I used to wear revealing clothes a lot when I was young”, drawing laughter.

lee hyori

Lee Hyo-ri also revealed that she had been taken to the hospital once after her solo concert in 2008. Lee Hyo-ri recalled and said, “I had severe mental stresses at the time. We had to set up the stage and rehearse, right? But the rental time was too short because we had to save money. The stage had not been built until one day before the concert, so we had to hold the show without doing movement checks. The condition was really bad.”

She continued to confess, “If I had been as mature as how I am now, I would have said to myself, ‘I’ll just do what I have to do’. I was too sensitive at that time because I was afraid of what people would say about me. In the past, articles seem to have a huge impact on me. Well, articles are just articles.”

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