This female celebrity beat all male students in her middle school’s arm wrestling competition to win first place

Let’s look at the discography of rapper Lee Young Ji, who recently made headlines with her appearance on “Show Me The Money 11”.

Rapper Lee Young Ji drew netizens’ attention with her recent SNS update. 

Lee Young-ji

On November 13th, she released a photo with the caption, “You want me to release an album?”. The released photo shows Lee Young Ji wearing glasses and taking a selfie using a camera app filter. 

Lee Young Ji seems to have made this post to respond to music critic Kang Il Kwon, who recently criticized her. 

Lee Young-ji

Referring to Lee Young Ji’s recent appearance in “Show Me The Money 11”, critic Kang said, “Three years have passed since Lee Young Ji appeared on ‘High School Rapper 3’ in 2019. However, she has only released a few singles, joined entertainment shows, and performed at contests”. He criticized, “She doesn’t even have an EP, let alone a full album”.

Lee Young-ji

Critic Kang continued, “I’m a bit disappointed that the method she chose to fill the emptiness of her music career and desire to be recognized as an artist is not making an outstanding album, but appearing on ‘Show Me The Money’”.

Lee Young-ji

Born in 2002, Lee Young Ji turned 20 years old this year and has continued her activities as a rapper by releasing singles, starting with “Dark Room” in 2019 then “Just”, “Flower Language”, and “Day & Night (feat. Jay Park)”.

Lee Young Ji was a student when she competed in “High School Rapper”. At that time, Lee Young Ji also revealed that she had just been doing hip-hop music for half a year. Unexpectedly, she presented impressive rap skills and became the youngest winner of that survival program. 

Lee Young-ji

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ji drew attention from netizens when her childhood story before appearing on “High School Rapper” was revealed. Accordingly, the female rapper has boasted extraordinary strength since she was a kid.

Lee Young-ji

In fact, Lee Young Ji won in Kudo many times at international competitions in the past and used to dream of becoming a UFC mixed martial arts athlete. 

Lee Young-ji bts jin

Moreover, Lee Young Ji, who was the president of the student council in her middle school, surprised everyone when she confessed that she beat all male students in the school arm wrestling competition to take first place.

Lee Young-ji jay park

Lee Young Ji is currently carrying out active activities, such as releasing Youtube content, doing entertainment programs, and broadcasting. She showed up as the last contestant in the second round of “Show Me The Money 11” and received an ‘All Pass’ from the judges. The female rapper will continue her journey on the show with producer Jay Park’s team. 

Source: Daum

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