Kwon Mina demands the full transcripts of her conversation with AOA Jimin to be released by Dispatch

Kwon Mina (AOA’s former member) expressed that she wants the transcript of the dialogues between her, Jimin, and the managers to be released entirely.

Kwon Mina demands the full transcripts of her conversation with AOA Jimin to be released by Dispatch

On September 8, Kwon Mina posted a long article on her SNS starting with “I’m Kwon Mina, who has been causing continuous controversies due to my indecisiveness.”

Regarding the dialogues between AOA members, including Jimin and the managers released by Dispatch earlier today, Kwon Mina said, “After reading the article, I have sent an e-mail to Dispatch reporters and leave my contact information. Therefore, I want to express more about my position.”

She added, “I know who they are. I remember everything, including the stories of the managers in the transcripts. I don’t know who sent the recording of the meeting to Dispatch; maybe it was from FNC or the leader manager or Shin Jimin. However, I hope that they could release the full recording with voices from the beginning to the end. I want the whole conversation with manager Kim will be revealed with no cutting back and forth.

If you only listen to her side and read that article, you will think that you’ve heard her apology over 100 times. If there were a CCTV, I would like to reveal the whole footage with voices. Please reveal everything as much as you can. You have recorded since you came to my house and left. Shin Jimin came with her manager and the leader manager. Please play the whole recording.

If this thing continues, my words would be turned into lies, and I think I have lived with enough criticisms. However, with this case, please do not lock me up at that time again. Although there are parts of the story that I agreed or acknowledged but didn’t say, please give me a chance to voice my position. I want to reveal my evidence and prove myself as a witness. Please contact me.”

Regarding the controversy over smoking in the hotel room, she said, “I apologized and paid a fine of 300,000 wons. I also cleaned up everything and leave a letter there. I want to make an excuse. The truth is I had never received any notice about banning smoking in the room. If I think smoking inside is common sense, my action would mean that I am a person with no common sense at all. I did check the room carefully and make sure that it was a smoking-free room.”

Lastly, Kwon Mina said, “I will stop using Instagram…I acknowledge my wrongdoing and want to stop using SNS, receive treatment, reflect on myself and try to live a better life. However, I keep thinking about this article, and I feel so upset… I think I would collapse. Even if the misunderstandings wouldn’t be solved, I just want to get away from them.. I’m sorry…”

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