“Is your husband Choi Soo-jong?”, This famous actress has been married for 27 years but the public still mistook her for another person because of her name

Actress Shin Ae-ra, who celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary this year, is still misunderstood by people due to her name.

In MBC’s travel program “As You Want”, which aired on September 28th, actresses Shin Ae-ra and Park Ha-sun appeared as tour guides. They were seen traveling to Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do together with Lee So-yeon and Jung Yoo-mi.

Four actresses stopped to eat fish cake soup while going around Gogyeong Market. The market merchant looked at Shin Ae-ra and asked, “Are you Chae Si-ra? Or Ha Hee-ra?”.

In response, Shin Ae-ra said, “I’m not Chae Si-ra or Ha Hee-ra. I’m Shin Ae-ra”, calmly introducing herself as if she was already familiar with the situation.

The market merchant continued to ask, “Is your husband Choi Soo-jong?”. Shin Ae-ra firmly answered, “My husband is Cha In-pyo, not Choi Soo-jong”, drawing laughter.

Shin Ae-ra said, “It’s okay. A lot of people do the same”, showing a cool reaction.

On the August 25th broadcast, Shin Ae-ra also revealed that she was asked “Are you Chae Si-ra or Ha Hee-ra?” many times. She also said, “They also asked me if Choi Soo-jong is doing well”, making everyone burst into laughter.

Shin Ae-ra is a veteran actress who debuted in 1989 and she is in the 33rd year of her acting career. She married Cha In-pyo in 1995 and the couple celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary this year. 

Shin Ae-ra and Cha In-pyo got to know each other after appearing in MBC’s drama “Love in Your Arms” in 1994 together. Cha In-pyo is also known as an affectionate and caring husband.

On March 10th, Cha In-pyo made a post on his Instagram in celebration of their wedding anniversary. He showed off his love for Shin Ae-ra, saying, “Honey, you’ve been my dear wife, best friend, mentor, colleague, chef and angel for 27 years. I love you. Thank you”.

Ha Hee-ra, whose name sounds similar to Shin Ae-ra, starred alongside Choi Soo-jong in the 1988 film “Puppy Love”. The two also got married in 1993.

Choi Soo-jong is also a representative “affectionate husband” in the entertainment industry as he often expresses his love for Ha Hee-ra through TV broadcasts.

It seems like many people are still confused because of the similarities between Shin Ae-ra and Ha Hee-ra’s names, their husbands’ images and the times of their marriage. 

Netizens who watched the recent broadcast also responded, “I thought I was the only person who was confused”, “Their faces also look alike”, etc. 

Source: insight

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