Jung Kook (BTS) made fans fall in love with his sleepy moments at the airport

He also made fans surprised when no longer wears the “ninja” style.


BTS always impressed by the stylish airport fashion. However, the youngest brother Jung Kook is the simplest member. The idol is loyal with the black set of outfits, hats and masks covering his face. At Gimpo airport on the afternoon of April 5 on the way to Thailand to hold a concert, Jung Kook appeared with a completely new look.

Jung Kook surprised the fans when wearing “boyfriends” style with a white T-shirt and jogger jeans.
Jung Kook gave up his usual bucket hat, showing off his new curly hair.
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The sudden change in outfit and hairstyle of Jung Kook became a hot topic for Korean fans and international fans.
Jung Kook ranked No. 1 in Daum(Korea)’s real-time chart, No.40 at the top hot search on Weibo (China). He also proved himself a top star when appearing on the top trend on Twitter in many countries such as the US, Singapore, Canada, France, Malaysia, Philippines.
Some commented: “Jung Kook surprised me very much. It was different from his usual look”; “He’s still so handsome with a mask on”; “Jung Kook is so hot, he’s getting more and more mature”; “He looks like the main character in novels” …

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