This celebrity was casted by SM Entertainment while eating tteokbokki on the street

EXO Sehun’s casting story was once a hot topic.   

EXO Sehun‘s casting anecdote was once a hot topic. This is because he was offered a casting offer while eating tteokbokki at a street food cart when he was only 13 years old. The fun story starts now!

EXO Sehun SM casting story

Sehun, an elementary school student at the time, said, “I was eating tteokbokki when this woman came running and gave me a business card and asked for my mother’s cell phone number.”

EXO Sehun SM casting story

Sehun found the casting manager’s sudden proposal strange, and he said that a ridiculous chase had taken place like a scene from a drama. He said he remembered his mother’s words that told him not to follow anyone and not to give his number to anyone if he didn’t know who they were. Sehun, a smart elementary school student who misunderstood the woman as a scammer, said he only received the business card after a 30-minute chase.

EXO Sehun SM casting story

Sehun has had a naturally outstanding appearance since childhood. It is said that he was an exceptionally noticeable child even in elementary school. Sehun’s distinct features were already so distinct at the time, and the child of that day has grown so well and become the current EXO Sehun.

EXO Sehun SM casting story

Meanwhile, the viewers can meet Sehun in the movieThe Pirates: Goblin Flag.”

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