This actress, who lives in a 9 billion won mansion, gains attention for one relatable detail

Actress Lee Yoo Bi (31), announced her surprising current status 

On August 20th, Lee Yoo Bi posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption: “Long hair after a long time”.

In the photos, Lee Yoo Bi is taking pictures of herself, reflected in a full-length mirror. The actress quickly draws admiration for her slender legs and superior physique without any flaws. 

However, many people focus on Lee Yoo Bi’s phone Grip Tok, which top cover is missing, showing the black support stand. They also express that missing the Grip Tok cover is super relatable, and leave light-hearted comments. 

lee yu bi

One netizen said: “Extra-realistic Grip Tok LOL”, to which Lee Yoo Bi answered with a crying emoticon and laughing sounds. 

Even more hilarious, despite her broken Grip Tok, Lee Yoo Bi lives in a mansion in Hannam-dong with her mother, the famous actress Gyeon Mi Ri, and her young brother Da In. Gyeon Mi Ri is said to have been in charge of design and construction, and it is reported that the monthly maintenance fee alone for this house is 45 million won. According to an analyst on a TV Chosun program, this mansion is estimated to cost about 9 billion won.

lee yu bi

Lee Yoo bi debuted in the MBN sitcom “Vampire Idol” in 2011. She recently reunited with viewers via the recently released TVING drama “Yumi’s Cells” season 2. 

Source: Wikitree

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