This actor once confessed that he did acting as a hobby because his main job was being the Chairman of a company

Surprisingly, acting was not “My Liberation Notes” actor Son Seok-gu’s main job from the beginning.

Born in 1983, Son Seok-gu debuted in the 2016 movie “Black Stone” and made his face known to the public through the 2017 drama “Sense 8 (directed by The Wachowskis), starring Bae Doo-na. Since then, he has appeared in a number of works. Son Seok-gu later became famous thanks to his performance in “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”.


Son Seok-gu once made headlines when he did acting as a hobby and revealed that his main job was being the Chairman of a company.


GOMT is a manufacturing company specializing in machine tools in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City. It was established in 2003 with 20 employees and has exported to 10 countries around the world. It is known that Son Seok-gu gained the influence when he served as a CEO of his father’s company “Namsunjeongong”, the predecessor of GOMT.


Son Seok-gu reportedly stepped down from practical management work. He is now holding the CEO position only as a title to focus on his career as an actor. Seon Seok-gu also became a hot topic when he was revealed to have spent his military life in the Zaytun Division in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Son Seok-gu once again amazed the viewers with his character transformation through the drama “D.P.” and debuted as a director with the movie “Unframed”. Unlike the image of his character in “Unframed”, Son Seok-gu surprised everyone with his warm directing.

He recently appeared in the movie “The Roundup” as well as drama “My Liberation Notes” and is gaining huge popularity with both works. Movie and drama fans are raising high expectations for more acting activities from Son Seok-gu in the future.

Source: daum

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